Dear colleagues, dear friends,

At the beginning of January, we wish you a very happy new year 2024, full of promise and success, in your personal and professional lives. We hope that moments of peace will take precedence over international tensions.

We also wish you many collaborative projects to continue to promote our scholarly society. Our combined energies should allow us to build great and beautiful things.

We are proud of our results for the year 2023 during which we were able to organize several thematic days, from dermatophytes to chronic pulmonary aspergillosis. We worked jointly with the French Society of Microbiology (SFM), the French Society of Therapeutic Pharmacology (SFPT), the Society of French Language Pneumology (SPLF) with whom we forged strong links during events and for joint projects. The French Society of Parasitology (SFP) and the CNRMA our privileged partners, in particular for responses to various requests from the HAS, SPF, the DGOS or other learned societies (ESCMID, SFM, etc.). The TIMM in Athens last October was also an opportunity to show your numerous French works, often collaborative, in the field of medical mycology. The newly established SFMM research call for tenders was able to finance two projects among the eight proposed. This was the multicenter project led by Sophie Brun on the theme of ringworms of the scalp and the more fundamental project led by Christine Imbert on the characterization of the Antimicrobial Potential of Betulinic Acid. We were also able to offer a prize to a young researcher from the South during our national congress, relocated to sunny Marrakech, last May.

This dynamic will be achieved in 2024: we will return to our usual activities with (i) the next result of the photo competition which will be the 2024 cover of our newspaper (which is doing well with an impact factor which remains at 3.6!) ; (ii) the result of the company’s 2nd “research” call for tenders, (iii) thematic days, the first of which will take place on March 19 on the theme of mucorales; (iv) young researchers days, organized by young people in society, with an appointment to be noted now on April 12. We will also meet in Angers for our national congress with the SFP from June 3 to 5, and for those who wish, we will continue with the ISHAM/ECMM Working Group on Fungal respiratory infections in Cystic Fibrosis, which will take place from June 6, also in Angers.

After the summer, we will have the 2nd edition of the joint congress of the SFMM and the Belgian Society of Human and Animal Mycology (BSHAM) which will take place in Lille on November 5 and 6.

Let us also recall joint sessions between the SFMM and other partner companies on the occasion of the national infectious diseases days (JNI, June 12-14, Deauville), the SFM Microbes congress (October 7-9, Lille) and the RICAI day meetings in Paris.

We are also partners of the Tenth FEBS Advanced Lecture Course Human Fungal Pathogens (May 18-24, La Colle sur Loup) and the congress of the French Society of Tropical Medicine and International Health (SFMTSI, May 22 – 24, Saint-Raphaël) including you received the flyers by SFMM infos.

We will come back to the organization of all these events on the SFMM website or via SFMMinfo. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that the SFMM has a completely redesigned website. We invite you to connect to it (, you will find there in particular the presentations of the last joint day of the SFMM-SFPT-SPLF on December 12 and you will be able to take advantage of it to renew your membership in the Society.

I would also like to take advantage of this message to warmly thank the office and the board of directors who support me in the governance of our company.

We renew our wishes for 2024,

Mycologically yours,

Françoise Botterel and the SFMM office

Our partners

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