For the second year, the French Society of Medical Mycology (SFMM) is proposing a call for projects (AAP) with the objectives of promoting and supporting interactions between Mycology teams from different French or foreign hospital, university or hospital-university centers. This AAP is aimed at all members of the SFMM up to date with their annual subscription, and to any type of research project, whether clinical/translational, clinico-biological, technological, epidemiological, experimental/fundamental, taxonomic. .. as long as it falls within the field of interests covered by the French Society of Medical Mycology. The SFMM will commit 15,000 euros, which will make it possible to finance one to three research projects, selected after independent expertise on the basis of the number of proposals, the quality of the project but also the collaborative nature, the ambition displayed, the expected benefits and budgets requested for each of the projects submitted. The scientific committee, composed of Muriel Cornet, Christophe Hennequin and Frédéric Dalle, will solicit evaluators who are experts on the themes developed in the proposals. The budget requested by candidates must not exceed 10,000 euros per project.

At the end of a meeting of the Board of Directors (6/7/2023) of the SFMM, a few points of the regulations were clarified:

applicants must accompany their request with a letter of commitment stipulating that they will notify the support of the SFMM in the event of valorization of their work, whatever it may be;

  • winning individuals and teams will not be able to re-apply to the AAP for three years following their selection;
  • the winner must arrange for the financial receipt of the prize, preferably through an association. Under no circumstances will the SFMM be responsible for a pro rata distribution of the associated partners;
  • all partners associated with the project must sign a document attesting to their agreement to participate in the project presented.

The deadline for submitting projects has been set for October 15, 2023. A response to candidates will be given by the scientific committee at the beginning of January 2024. The SFMM wishes to perpetuate this AAP and the positive impacts (scientific valorization, interactions between teams, access to more ambitious AAPs…) will condition this sustainability.

Projects must comply with the plan proposed below and be sent in .pdf format to Muriel Cornet (), Frédéric Dalle () and Christophe Hennequin (christophe.hennequin

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