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The SFMM proposes a call for projects (AAP) with the objectives of promoting and supporting interactions between Mycology teams from different French or foreign hospitals or university hospitals. This AAP is intended for all members of the SFMM up to date with their annual subscription, and for any type of research project, whether clinical/translational, clinico-biological, technological, epidemiological, experimental/fundamental, taxonomic, etc. as long as it falls within the scope of the centers of interest covered by the French Society of Medical Mycology.

For this first AAP-SFMM-2022, the SFMM will commit 15,000 euros, which will make it possible to finance 1 to 3 research projects, selected by the scientific committee on the basis of the number of proposals, the quality of the project but also the collaborative nature. , the stated ambition, the expected benefits and the budgets requested for each of the projects submitted. The scientific committee, which will be made up of Muriel Cornet, Christophe Hennequin and Frédéric Dalle, will be responsible for calling on evaluators (half members of the SFMM’s Administrative Committee (CA) and half outside the SFMM’s CA) who are experts on the themes developed in the proposals. The budget requested by applicants must not exceed 10,000 euros per project. Each recipient will be asked to thank the SFMM for any promotion relating to the funded project: oral or poster presentation at national and international conferences or congresses, national and international didactic or scientific articles, patents, etc. For this first AAP-SFMM, the deadline for submitting projects has been set for October 31, 2022.

A response to candidates will be given by the scientific committee in early January 2023. The SFMM hopes for the success of this first AAP-SFMM and will be attentive the potential benefits of the projects (scientific promotion, interactions between teams, access to more ambitious AAPs, etc.) with the aim of sustaining it over the next three years. Projects must respect the plan proposed below and be sent in pdf format to Muriel Cornet (), Frédéric Dalle () and Christophe Hennequin (christophe.hennequin@ sorbonne-universite.fr). The submission document is available online from the link below: https://exotic.univ-tours.fr/ceqab1

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