Boualem Sendid, Frédéric Dalle and the SFMM office offer you the Friday, October 7, 2022 in LYON (Croix Rousse Hospital*) A National Thematic Day of the SFMM ”Candida & Invasive Candidiasis: diagnosis, antifungal susceptibility, Candida-host interaction”

9:45 a.m.: A word from the president of the SFMM

10:00 a.m. – 10:40 a.m.: Inaugural lecture, Cornelius Joseph CLANCY, University of Pittsburgh, Department of Medicine, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. “Re-thinking the diagnosis of invasive candidiasis: 2022 and beyond“.

10:40 a.m. – 12:20 p.m.: Communications on clinical-biological/translational research

10:40 a.m. – 11:05 a.m.: Estelle MENU, Laboratory of Parasitology – Mycology, IHU Méditerranée Infection, Marseille, France. “Evaluation of 11 automated DNA extraction protocols for the detection of the 5 main Candida species from artificially spiked blood”.

11.05 a.m. – 11.30 a.m.: Maxime LEFRANC, University of Bordeaux, France. “Demonstration of a synergistic effect between rapamycin and caspofungin in Candida lusitaniae”.

11:30 a.m. – 11:55 a.m.: Edith MAZARS, Center Hospitalier de Valenciennes, France. “Realization of the antifungigram from the antifungigram from the blood culture bottle: 1st evaluation in the E-test method”.

11:55 a.m. – 12:20 p.m.: Emmanuel NOVY, Department of Anesthesia-Resuscitation and Perioperative Medicine Brabois CHRU of Nancy, France. “Current epidemiology in intra-abdominal candidiasis among severe intra-abdominal infection requiring abdominal surgery: preliminary results of a prospective multicenter study and lessons learned from in-vitro study of the influence of peritoneal fluid on Candida albicans pathogenicity”.

12:20 p.m. – 12:45 p.m.: Alexis TRECOURT, Hospices Civils de Lyon/Lyon I University, Lyon, France. “Integrated fungal histomolecular diagnosis: the example of invasive candidiasis”.

12:45 p.m. – 1:45 p.m.: lunch offered by the SFMM

1:45 p.m. – 2:25 p.m.: Inaugural lecture, Patrick VAN DIJCK, Department of Biology, KU Leuven & VIB Center for Microbiology, Leuven, Belgium. “Exploring multidrug resistance, fitness compensation and collateral sensitivity in Candida auris”.

2:25 p.m. – 4:05 p.m.: Communications on basic research 2:25 p.m. – 2:50 p.m.: Alexandre ALANIO, CHU Saint Louis, AP-HP, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France. “Epidemiology of C. glabrata candidaemia: French data from the AReST study”.

2:50 p.m. – 3:15 p.m.: Nidia ALVAREZ RUEDA, UR 1155 – IICiMed, France. “Immunological fitness of echinocandin-resistant C. glabrata”.

3:15 p.m. – 3:40 p.m.: Rogatien CHARLET, Inserm U1285- CNRS UMR 8576, Lille, France. “Role of the intestinal microbiota in the digestive clearance of Candida glabrata”.

3:40 p.m. – 4:05 p.m.: Pierre LAPAQUETTE, UMR PAM, Esplanade Erasme, 21000 Dijon, France. “Membrane protective role of autophagic machinery during infection of epithelial cells by Candida albicans”.

4:05 p.m.: Conclusions and end of the thematic day

*: Croix Rousse Hospital, 103 Grande Rue de la Croix-Rousse, Lyon, Salle Vaïsse: Salle Vaïsse: corridor on the right under the clock, gallery area A-B B3 visitor lift, 3rd floor

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