The SFMM Board of Directors is composed of 21 members elected for 6 years. The Board is renewed by thirds, that is 7 members, every two years.

In 2016 some outgoing members who had been part of the Board for many years were not standing for re-election: Dominique Chabasse, René Chermette, Claire Lacroix, and/or had resigned from the Board: Martine Feuilhade.

Those elected in March 2016 are: Isabelle Accoceberry, Florence Persat, Dominique Toubas: re-elected, Jean-Philippe Bouchara, Christophe d’Enfert, Jacques Guillot, Boualem Sendid: elected.

Muriel Cornet was elected to replace Martine Feuilhade for the two years remaining in her mandate.

It should be noted that the Editor-in-Chief of the JMM and the person in charge of the SFMM web site sit on the Council with a purely advisory opinion.

This new Council elected its Bureau:

Composition of the Board of the SFMM Council

President : Jean Pierre GANGNEUX

Vice Presidents : Catherine KAUFFMANN-LACROIX, Laurence MILLON, Dominique TOUBAS

General Secretary: Marie-Elisabeth BOUGNOUX

Deputy General Secretary: Christophe HENNEQUIN

Treasurer: Jacques CHANDENIER

Assistant Treasurer : Nicole DESBOIS

Editor of the Journal : Bertrand DUPONT

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