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Few words from the President before the summer break

Rédigé le 14/08/2022

Dear colleagues, dear friends,

Before the famous crossover of the Julyists and the Augustians, I would like to come back to the June events of the SFMM and tell you about the next events:

- The JCJC webinar on June 9 was a great success with around fifty participants on the theme “Antifungal strategies: mechanisms of resistance, new fungal targets and therapeutic approaches for the modulation of host antifungal immunity”. Among the excellent presentations by young researchers, it was Guillaume Hamion, from Poitiers, who received the young researchers prize with his presentation entitled “Valorisation of invasive plants against the biofilm bi-species Staphylococcus aureus-Candida albicans”. -

We then met in Rouen at the end of June for our joint SFMM-SFP congress, welcomed by the entire team of Loïc Favennec, whom we thank again for the excellence of the topics covered and his warm hospitality. Among the highlights of this congress, we had the presentation of the "Dermatophyte File" of Rivalier and Badillet by Dr. Pascal Pietrini who reminded us of the beginning of the history of French Medical Mycology. We invite you to go to the SFMM website to find some photos of this congress. Were rewarded for the occasion Bastien Tirtiaux from the University of Namur for his very interesting oral communication on "The production of hyphae by a strain of Malassezia furfur is necessary for the invasion of a 3D epidermal tissue" and Wilfried Poirier from the University of Liège for his poster entitled "Study of the virulence markers of Trichophyton benhamiae on an optimized mouse skin infection model" and which you can also find on the SFMM website.

- Finally, we are pleased to announce that the impact factor of the Journal of Medical Mycology has risen to 3.74! Thanks to everyone who works there.

- After a well-deserved vacation, we will meet you on October 7 in Lyon for those who wish, for a Candida themed day organized by Boualem Sendid and Frédéric Dalle.

- On December 1, the 2nd joint day of the SFMM and the French Society of Therapeutic Pharmacology will take place in Paris, which will be devoted to the modalities of antifungal treatments in intensive care.

- Finally, remember that we will meet in Marrakech from May 24 to 27, 2023 for the relocated annual congress of the SFMM and the SFP coupled with the Franco-Moroccan Congress of Parasitology-Mycology. We will come back to you for more information at the start of the school year.

I wish you a very nice holiday. And to continue to follow us, on the site and on twitter @sfmm_myco

Very warmly,

Françoise Botterel and the SFMM board

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